Del Rio, Texas
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On the southwestern side of Texas is an area that is known as the South Texas Brush Country. Inside the Brush is the city of Del Rio. Del Rio, Texas is a city which, as of the 2014, had a population of just over 37,000 residents. It is also the county seat for Val Verde County. Situated on the Rio Grande, this border town offers quick access to San Antonio and the Mexican border. If the large Texas lifestyle is what you have been dreaming of, contact Hunter Real Estate today through the phone, email or just stop by; they are ready to help you find the perfect homes for sale that will give you what you want at the price you need.


Texas is known for its history. The entire state is one that the settlers had to fight for to ensure it became a part of the United States and stayed that way. This border town is no different. It is believed that the early Spaniards held a mass here on St. Phillips Day in 1635 so in 1883 when the post office in town was to be erected, the residents asked for the post office to be named San Felipe del Rio but since there was already a San Felipe de Austin they decided that the full name would cause too much confusion so the San Felipe was dropped from the name.

Parks and Recreation

The parks and rec department here holds a lot of responsibility. Not only are they in charge of youth and adult activities like little guy football, they are also in charge of maintaining all of the city’s parks, recreation centers and pools. With the abundance of nature throughout the city, there are always outdoor activities in and around town. If you cannot find what you are looking for through Parks and Rec, you will likely find it through the Chamber of Commerce.

Events and Attractions

Any attraction or event that is going on can be found through the chamber of commerce. If you go to you will find their website and calendar of events throughout the town. Here, you will find information on just about everything, from free summer meals for kids to the local bands that are playing at the White Horse Lounge. In addition to entertainment, there are also numerous sports leagues that are also offered through the Chamber, like the ABO Co-Ed Kickball tournament. Any event, attraction or just announcement that pertains to town will be found on this website.

Del Rio is a one of a kind border town on the Rio Grande. It offers a large Texas lifestyle that many people thrive. If you are looking for properties and homes that will encompass this way of life then look no further. Email or call Hunter Real Estate today so they can help you find the right homes for sale that will make every other town look, well, small. Hunter Real Estate will guide you through all of your real estate needs. Contact them today!
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